Class Cutz Dog Grooming
Class Cutz Dog Grooming

The Grooming Process

What really goes on in the grooming parlour when a dog is left for a trim?


This is a concern shared by many owners, some of whom may have no reason for concern other than not relishing the idea of leaving their much loved pet with a stranger in a strange place to be subjected to unknown procedures. Some owners may have heard horror stories of what goes on once a dog is left behind at a grooming parlour.

The purpose of this page is to put owner's minds at rest by giving an insight into what really does go on behind the closed door of Class Cutz.


The 'teller' of the story is not a seasoned veteran of the grooming parlour who is used to coming along regularly for his six weekly groom; but Loui, a three year old, dearly loved toy poodle who, up until attending Class Cutz for his first groom at the age of three, had never set foot in a parlour of any description.


Prior to his groom his owners felt extremely worried about leaving him behind and had fears of him panicking, struggling with the groomer and even slipping his lead and escaping.


These pictures were taken during his very first grooming session. Loui tells the story:



Hi, I'm Loui, the toy poodle. I'm hot and a bit uncomfortable in my heavy coat.


Here I am at my very first grooming session. I was very nervous when I first arrived, but after a nice chat with Rowena and a cuddle or two thrown in for good measure, I felt much better. Once my Mum had left I settled onto the grooming table very quickly.


In the picture below I've been brushed out and had my ears cleaned and the hair removed from them. It didn't hurt, despite my fears that it would and I feel so much fresher now they're clear. I've had my nails cut too and now I'm heading for the bath.

Here I am in the bath. I'm just loving this massage.

All good things come to an end and my bath was no exception to the rule. Here I am wrapped in a special doggy towel. Once I'm towel dried I am going to be fluff dried using the big white dryer.

Here I am all dry. You can see the dryer in the background.

It's time for my haircut. Here I am having my feet clipped. I've also had my face and groin clipped. Usually a poodle would have the base of its tail clipped too, but I am docked very short so I'm having a special tail style all of my own.

Here you can see the basic lamb trim shape clipped into my body hair.


The last part is the scissoring. Look at all the hair Rowena has cut off!


Here I am having my special tail styling done.

Et Voila! I'm all done and ready to go home. I feel much more comfortable now!


Thank you for reading all about my groom. I hope it has helped you if you were worried.


And Finally...



A message from C Jenkins, the owner of Loui...



...I am the owner of Loui the Toy Poodle. I was nervous about leaving him behind as I had never left him before and I didn't know how he would act. But after meeting Rowena and seeing her lovely parlour my mind was put at ease. Loui looks lovely and is very very happy, he has never looked better. Thank you Rowena from me and Loui x :o)...

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